“My 13 year old son has suffered with his chest all his life and as increasingly struggled with exercise. We trialled the SaphaiAir unit. On the first morning after sleeping in his bedroom with the unit running he commented that his chest felt “open”. He has continued to report this. In relation to football training the improvement in his ability to sustain activity is obvious. He sprints without needing long recovery time which he has never been able to do previously”

Claire, Co. Limerick, Ireland

“Our 16-year-old son suffered from respiratory problems for a prolonged period. Frustrated with his asthma diagnosis we consulted a respiratory specialist who arranged for an endoscopy, cat scan, X-rays, blood tests, etc. Following several months of tests, we were told he had no identifiable condition or illness yet his cough and heaviness of breath persisted. Shortly thereafter I discovered the presence of mould spores in the bathroom adjacent to my sons' bedroom. The mould was the result of a small plumbing leak. I carried out some research into the health effects of mould and I came across the SaphaiAir unit from Saphai Medical. Donal contacted me straight away and was very helpful and accommodating. I purchased the SaphaiAir unit and put it in my son's bedroom running 24/7. At the same time, I addressed the mould issue. Within a week my son's health improved significantly. Within 4 weeks he had returned to normal heath. I want to express my sincere thanks to Donal and his team for his advice and help.”

Cory Taylor, Waterford, Ireland