Cleanroom grade air in any room within 1 hour.

SaphaiAir, the result of breakthrough research and development, is the world’s first portable, affordable, air filtration solution which eliminates all airborne microbes to create and maintain super-clean air in any room within 1 hour


How SaphaiAir outperforms other
branded air cleaners


Super-clean air in any room
within 1 hour

Kills all microbes

Traps and kills 99.95% of bacteria, viruses and molds.

Cleanroom grade air within 1 hour

Fully cleans the air in a 200 square foot room approximately 8 times every hour.

Perfect for quiet environments

SaphaiAir is the quietest air purifier on the market.


Simply plug in and turn on

No assembly, no installation, just plug-in and go.

Compact and portable

Powerful and tough yet light, compact and portable. 630mm high, 485mm wide, 200mm deep.

Low energy costs

Powered by a 44 watt motor, equivalent to a bulb. Can leave on 24/7.

Kills all microbes

Traditional air cleaners use non-synthetic filters which only trap microbes. SaphaiAir uses patented, synthetic HEPA filters with *CliniCoat™ which trap and kill 99.95% of bacteria, viruses and molds, all in a single air pass.

Cleanroom grade air within 1 hour

A SaphaiAir fully cleans the air in a 200 square foot room approximately 8 times every hour, creating an environment that’s equivalent to cleanroom standards.

Perfect for quiet environments

Our patented, synthetic HEPA filter technology makes SaphaiAir the quietest air purifier on the market. Operating at less than 30 decibels, it’s perfect for hospital wards, theatres and bedrooms.

Asthma & Indoor Air Quality
A Report From The Asthma Society of Ireland

A 3 month review of air quality in the home before and after the installation of a SaphaiAir air purifier. Air quality was monitored using the Cair smart air quality sensor from NuWave.

Maintenance & Servicing

Regardless of how you use your SaphaiAir we advise that you replace its filter every 4 months. We will email you a reminder that the filters need replacing. SaphaiAir comes with a 2 year warranty (provided the filter is changed once every 4 months).


2-Year Warranty

Full 2-year warranty on every SaphaiAir.
*Provided the filter is changed once every 3 months.

For a safer, more comfortable facility

Traps and kills all airborne microbes, before they have a chance to spread.

Anytime there is a group of people in a closed environment for a period of time bacteria and viruses have an opportunity to quickly and easily spread. SaphaiAir protects everyone in such a close environment.


GP waiting rooms

Prevent patient cross-infection, kills microbes and prevents the spread of colds and flus.


Hospital rooms

Traps and kills a range of bacteria such as MRSA and C-Diff and viruses such as Influenza.

Nursing homes

Healthy, clean air for elderly patients and those with compromised immune systems. Eliminate airborne viruses and bacteria such as Klebsiella.


Hotel rooms

Offer guests an allergy free room. The SaphaiAir unit scrubs the air, removing pollen, mold, dust mites and viruses. Cleanroom grade air in just one hour.

Hospital Trials: SaphaiAir reduces ‘Colony Forming Units’ by 79% within one hour

Two of the SaphaiAir units were placed in a Special Care Baby Unit of a leading hospital where there have been previous issues with MRSA and dust particles. Particle counts were conducted in the room and on the air exiting the SaphaiAir unit. Biological settle plates were placed beside the units and left for one hour before the units were turned on.

The units were then turned on and a second series of settle plates were placed in the same locations and left for one hour. This process was repeated fortnightly over a period of 3 months.

  • Greater than 99.52% of 0.3µm and 0.5µm particles were removed from the air entering the units.

  • 100% removal of 5 µm particles.

  • Average reduction of 79% of CFU’s (Colony Forming Units) after just one hour cleaning within a 4m radius of the units.